Orlando Gibbons – Anthem – Glorious and Powerful God

Orlando Gibbons’ Tudor music, performed marvellously in “Mummerset” accents! Definitely an attempt to sing it like it might have been sung, and no less charming for that.

Photographs are from the Derbyshire village of Wirksworth including Wirksworth’s 13th Century Church of St. Mary. There are many Saxon carvings set in the great walls here including, at 1:38 a Saxon coffin lid, dating from about 800 AD and one of the important sculptural remains of that period, certainly one of the earliest Christian monuments in the Peak District border towns. It was found by accident in 1820 when a paving was removed in front of the altar and must have been from the sarcophagus of an important person buried here. Its carvings depict the life of Christ in short stumpy figures.

Later monuments include an impressive one in the Chancel of Anthony Lowe (at 1:28 – showing the Royal Arms of King Henry VIII). Lowe, who died in 1555, was a Gentleman of the Bedchamber who served Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I. Sir Ralph Gell’s tomb is shown in prayer at 2:31; he died in 1583.

Recorded at Forde Abbey, Chard, Somerset, England
Rose Consort of Viols
with Red Byrd
A Naxos Recording