Orlando Gibbons Church Music

Gibbons Church Music

Orlando Gibbons drawingGibbons wrote some 40 anthems for the church. One of the most popular of these is the verse anthem This is the record of John. The verse anthem is a peculiarly Anglican form of church music. Through the contrast of full choir and solo voice the verse anthem rarely fails to stir the soul and raise the spirit and is a powerful supporting element to the any church service though now it is as likely to be heard in the concert hall.

Other fine examples of verse anthems from Orlando Gibbons include the Christmas anthem Behold, I bring you glad tidingsGlorious and powerful God and Sing unto the Lord, o ye saints.

O clap your hands, The eight-voice full anthem  is another form of anthem – one without the use of solo voices. Hosanna to the son of David and Lift up your heads are a couple of other examples in this style.

This is the record of John by Orlando Gibbons

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